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UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W Test: Practical multiple socket for the desk

Apr 03, 2024Apr 03, 2024

The Chinese manufacturer UGREEN is primarily known for its practical chargers, but also offers docking stations like the CM615 (our review) or power stations like the PowerRoam 1200 (our review). The manufacturer’s DigiNest series comes along as a classic multiple socket. In our UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W review, we take a detailed look at the larger model of the GaN power strip.

The UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W power strip unmistakably bears the familiar design language of the manufacturer and accordingly relies on a silver and black design like almost all devices from the house of UGREEN.

The device is not too big and measures 13.7 cm x 5.8 cm x 8.5 cm (width x depth x height). However, with a weight of 551 grams, the multiple socket weighs quite a bit, which makes the device only conditionally suitable for on the go – but that is not necessarily the field of application.

But back to the looks: We find the ports as well as the on/off switch in the center of the front. We’ll spare the left side and top, but at the back we find two classic AC outlets.

From the right side comes the power cable, which is needed to operate the power strip. It comes to a more than decent length of 182 centimeters, so it can be connected correspondingly far from the power strip’s area of use.

There is nothing to complain about in terms of build quality. The DigiNest Pro looks robust and of high quality. Practical: There are two rubberized feet on the bottom, so that the multiple socket does not slip on the desk and other surfaces.

At its core, the UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W works just like any power strip. It is connected via a cable that then distributes the power to the other outlets. With the big difference that here you focus more on different USB ports – where at the back just additionally two large AC plugs can be connected.

In terms of ports, the following ports are available to you:.

As usual, not all ports on the UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W offer the same charging power, while the maximum power and charging speed is divided the more devices are connected to the multiple socket.

Up to 100 watts of PowerDelivery is available on both USB-C ports 1 and 2. USB-C port 3 has a maximum of 22.5 watts. The same value applies to the USB-A port. However, these values only apply when only one port is used. Otherwise, the maximum possible 100 watts are distributed among the ports.

So, with two devices connected to the first two USB-C ports, there are 65 watts and 35 watts, with three USB-C devices there are 45W, 30W and 22.5W and so on. This is also normal for a GaN charger.

The two AC outlets on the back reach up to 3,680 watts (combined), the same power as normal built-in outlets. This is thus completely sufficient for operating a gaming notebook or PC.

Accordingly, the first two USB-C ports are aimed at devices that require more power – notebooks, for example – while the other two ports effectively power smartphones, tablets, headphones, smartwatches and more.

All of this sounds like a practical charger on paper at least, but what about in practice? Here, too, I can only report positive things in the UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W test.

The GaN power strip definitely achieves the promised charging power. Both my HP notebook and the significantly more power-hungry gaming notebook are charged with up to 100 watts (in the peak, the values fluctuate of course) at the first two USB-C ports.

In fact, I could even determine minimally higher charging speeds than in the case of the GaN charger I use myself – privately – (by the way, also from UGREEN in the form of the Nexode 100W):

While my HP laptop charges at an average of 48 watts on it, an average of 54-56 watts is provided on the DigiNest Pro. However, it is noticeable that the values fluctuate here, while my private charger provides a constantly high current flow.

The other ports also reach the specified speed. With two ports in use, the power is still sufficient to supply the notebook and smartphone with energy, but it gets tighter with three connected devices.

However, one negative aspect is that the power supply is briefly interrupted when connecting or disconnecting a plug. We are only talking about milliseconds here, but that is already enough to switch off a device that is permanently dependent on energy. So the power strip is not really suitable for this. However, this only applies to the USB ports, the AC sockets at the back are not affected.

The device also uses GaN III technology, which is supposed to provide better energy efficiency, lower heat generation and higher security. I can definitely confirm the energy efficiency, and the heat generation is also good: only at the front, around the USB ports, does the UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W get hand-warm.

However, I cannot say much about the security. However, UGREEN promises protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuits, among other things.

I also find the on/off switch on the front practical, which can be used to quickly deactivate the entire power strip. This would still be quite nice for the individual ports separately, but is not a must-have in my eyes.

The UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W marks a compelling power strip that, in my eyes, is at its best on the desktop. From a purely technical point of view, in terms of build quality and in terms of realized charging power, there is nothing to complain about in my eyes.

In fact, the GaN III technology really realizes more power than the predecessor. At the same time, all relevant safety requirements are met, at least according to the manufacturer. I also find the comparatively long cable for the power connection and the on/off switch practical. The price also seems fair due to the offered performance. Especially since strong discounts are offered here every now and then (like at the moment).

So, if you have enough space on your desk, the UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W is an excellent choice. In the end, the question is: Would I buy the device myself, for myself? Anytime! At least, if I didn’t already have a similar GaN charger at home.

The UGREEN DigiNest Pro 100W marks a reliable, safe and above all fast power strip for the desk, which leaves almost nothing to be desired.

DimensionsWeightInputsOutputsOn and off switchLength power cableMaximum charging powerCharge protocolsAc outlet powerProtectionPriceIn terms of ports, the following ports are available to you: