Cutting Oxygen Generator 200m3/Hr 99.5%

Cutting Oxygen Generator 200m3/Hr 99.5%

Overview Cutting oxygen generator 200m3/hr 99.5% The LDH PO series offers the highest level of energy efficiency thanks
Basic Info.
Condition New
Certification RoHS, UR, ISO, CE, CCC
Use3 Configuration Ozone Machine
Use2 Aquaculture
Use5 Welding
Use4 Industrial Furnaces for Combustion
Use Laser Cutting Welding
Use1 Medical Hospital
Purity 99.5%
Transport Package Wooden Box
Specification 1900*1800*2100
Trademark LDH
Origin Beijing China
HS Code 841960
Production Capacity 500
Product Description
Cutting oxygen generator 200m3/hr 99.5%
The LDH PO series offers the highest level of energy efficiency thanks to innovative technology. Furthermore, integrated technologies for monitoring and controlling the operating values and for starting up the system automatically simplify your processes.The integrated PO technology developed by LDHGAS includes innovative flow technology based on a novel sieve bottom. In combination with advanced vortex technology, the efficiency of the PSA technology used to separate the oxygen molecules from the nitrogen molecules is drastically increased. Less compressed air is needed in this regard. Extracting more oxygen with lower compressed air requirements means lower energy costs for your business.
All operating values are measured and recorded using state-of-the-art sensor technology.This enables continuous monitoring and control of our fully integrated LDH PO oxygen generator.The user-friendly touch control panel L and professional remote monitoring capabilities help with your digital measures and ensure a seamless production process for you.Starting the generator is very easy thanks to the pre-installed Auto system.The system ensures that the product storage tank has the desired purity from the outset.Time-consuming manual cleanup is no longer required.LDH PO network oxygen productionThe LDH OnTouch series offers all the benefits of a fully integrated in-house production system that produces oxygen directly to the place of use.The latest networking technology and continuous measurement and monitoring of all operational values ensure the highest possible protection of the entire production process.All measurements are recorded and can be monitored and controlled remotely through the LEADER TEC Remote Control program from any computer workstation around the world, as well as tablets and smartphones.
The LDH PO product line provides an economical and efficient entry-level model for field oxygen supply.Using this range of oxygen generators, LEADER TEC has developed models that are particularly friendly, rugged and economical.LEADER TEC's PO technology is a real innovation.Innovative flow technology and novel eddy current technology improve the efficiency of PSA technology for separating oxygen and nitrogen molecules.As a result, the amount of compressed air needed to extract oxygen is greatly reduced.That means significantly lower energy costs.All LDH PO oxygen generators are equipped with an analytical measurement device that reads the amount of oxygen produced from a small touch control panel.It is unique in this price range.

1,Variable pressure adsorption oxygen machine
Efficient, energy-efficient and convenientMicrocomputer co-controlSmart gas solutions
Product Description

Pressure swing adsorption oxygen production is to use zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, using the principle of pressure adsorption and pressure desorption to adsorb and release nitrogen from the air, so as to separate oxygen. Zeolite molecular sieve is a kind of spherical granular adsorbent which is processed by special pore type treatment process, and its surface and interior are full of micropores. The characteristics of its pore make it possible to realize the kinetic separation of O2 and N2. The separation of O2 and N2 by zeolites is based on the small difference of the kinetic diameters of the two gases. N2 has a faster diffusion rate in the micropores of zeolites, while O2 has a slower diffusion rate. The diffusion of water and CO2 in compressed air is similar to that of nitrogen. Finally, oxygen molecules are enriched from the adsorption tower.

Oxygen generators produce gaseous oxygen from compressed air on site and offer a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional oxygen gas supplies such as cylinders or cryogenic liquid. Oxywise Oxygen Generators are available in 40 standard models with capacity ranging from 1 to 200 Nm3/hour at 90-99% purity. The design is made for round the clock 24/7 operation. Each generator is equipped with automatic start&stop function, enabling the generator to start and stop automatically according to the consumption. Oxygen generator incorporated with oxygen high pressure compressor for filling cylinders creates a system called Oxygen generating and filling station. System consists of essentials such as air compressor, dryer, filtration etc. and standard features including molecular sieve protection, stainless steel piping and many more.
2,The technical features of the oxygen generator after PSA are as follows
(1) Imported PLC control system and imported pneumatic angle seat valve with switching life up to 3 million times are adopted to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the device.(2) Imported PLC intelligent controller, easy to operate, stable operation, high degree of automation. Can choose touch screen control system, computer industrial control system.(3) Reasonable internal components, uniform airflow distribution, reduce the impact of high-speed airflow.(4) Special molecular sieve protection measures extend the service life of zeolite molecular sieve.(5) The automatic interlock oxygen emptying device ensures the oxygen quality of the product.(6) The operation of the whole machine can be: depending on the organic combination of advanced oxygen production process design, scientific gas distribution structure, adsorption tower with compound bed structure, unique molecular sieve filling process, unique molecular sieve protection measures and automatic compression compensation device of cylinder, it is conducive to the long-term use of oxygen molecular sieve.
3,process flow chart for reference only

4,Compressed air pretreatment
Because the molecular sieve in the main oxygen generator has high requirements for the quality of compressed air, and the gas temperature in the compressed air is high, and it contains a lot of water, certain dust and oil mist, so before the compressed air enters the oxygen generator, it must be treated with water, oil and dust removal, and this part of the equipment is mainly for this purpose.The purification of compressed air is very important, please do not ignore this point! Because the quality of compressed air purification treatment is directly related to the service life of molecular sieve, which is directly related to the long-term effective use of oxygen generator.Adsorption dryer or freezing dryer are mainly used to remove water from compressed air.Different types of multi-stage filters with different filtering accuracy are mainly used for oil, water and dust removal of compressed air. Generally speaking, for oil-free air compressors, one to two-stage filters are required, mainly for dust removal and water removal; for oil-bearing air compressors, three to four stage filters are required, mainly for oil removal, water removal and dust removal.In high humidity environment, it is recommended to install special blowdown tank to filter a large amount of water vapor in compressed air.
Cutting oxygen generator 200m3/hr 99.5%Product Parameters
Oxygen flow

Oxygen purity

Oxygen dew point

Export pressure
In order to get access easily for the O2 continuously for the hospital, an onsite PSA oxygen generation system is a fast response and convenient solution.A PSA oxygen generation system for ONLYone-time investment, costing merely for the simply maintain and the electricity fee to generate the O2 gas by yourself.The outlet pure O2 gas can supply both of the pipes and the cylinder filling applications.

5,DMS streamlines the design process

Based on the data system mining, application, processingThrough the optimization of process design, the connection between valve and line effectively reduces gas loss and improves the utilization rate of air compressor
Pressure differential filtration treatment technology
The airflow accuracy is effectively regulated by the joint control of pneumatic valve and electronic valve. At the same time easy to install and start

Cutting Oxygen Generator 200m3/Hr 99.5%

7,Cavity filling technology
Using cavity filling technology, the intrusion problem of water and dust in external air is effectively reducedThe arrangement of molecular sieves is more uniform, the gas consumption ratio is reduced, the filling is reduced, and the equipment is more energy-efficient

Cutting Oxygen Generator 200m3/Hr 99.5%


1.What is the purity of the PSA oxygen machine?

The average PSA oxygen machine is 90%-93% pure.Our PSA oxygen machine can reach 95%,98%,up to 99% 2.How PSA oxygen machines are maintained The daily maintenance of the oxygen machine is relatively simple:A,Air compressor to regular maintenance, air filtration, oil concerns, oil in accordance with the instructions to regularly call manufacturers to replace.
after-salesEvery minute counts, our promise is:We're here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Our service team, based in Beijing, China, coordinates the deployment of global service technicians for your nitrogen or oxygen generator.For your security services.accessoriesLDHGAS - True everything comes from one sourceAs a true full service partner, you can get all the products and components of our nitrogen and oxygen generators from LEADERTEC.Whether it's compressors, dryers or filters: All components we offer meet in-house Strict LEADERTEC testing standards.Among other things, you can receive the following information from LEADERTEC:Air compressorCompressed air dryerThe filtration systemAnalysis of the equipmentGas mixtureThe propellerContainer (according to ASME standard)